Railay Beach, Thailand

  • Railay Beach, Thailand
  • 16,090 miles flown
  • Temp: 86 deg
  • Day 10

I arrived to Railay Beach under the cover of darkness so had no idea where I was or what the place looked like. All I knew was that I took a taxi van to roadside stop, a golf cart to a boat pier, and a long tail boat across a body of water. My bag was hoisted on/off said boat for me, then rolled concerningly down a very long floating dock made of plastic jugs. I had visions of my entire 2 months of clothes being dropped to the bottom of the ocean, but alas, this did not happen.

English was hardly spoken, but the porter made a great effort to explain the very important details of my mini bar “this free. this not free,” and jacuzzi “this hot. this cold. this turn water blue.” I’m basically on a honeymoon with myself here. Welcome to Thailand.

So imagine my surprise when I rolled out of my flower-laden bed the next morning, strolled the two minute walk down to the beach and saw this…

And this

Ok, yes, I am on a honeymoon with myself. Here’s the thing, you can’t get to Railay Beach any way but by boat. I’m in total, utter seclusion, locked in by grand limestone cliffs on either side of the beach. Perfection. All I need is good food, a good book and a dollar banana smoothie…yep, they have those too! Pinch me.

So the plan for the week is to lock all devices in the safe while I stare into the sunrise and sunset (ok, maybe one will come out to capture the sunrise.) There is no agenda, no need to catch a tour, nothing of historical significance to visit, just pure, untethered relaxation. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Xo, xt


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